New Logitech G29 & G920 Wheel+Pedals Coming!

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New Logitech G29 & G920 Wheel+Pedals Coming!

Post by EZTarget on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:32 am

New G29 for PC + PS4 coming on/after 7/31/2015 according to NewEgg Pre-Order page here

New G920 for PC + XBox One coming on/after 10/31/2015 according to NewEgg Pre-Order page here

Both pre-orders are $399.99 + tax, free shipping, 3-year warranty

NewEgg pre-order info page says this:


• We occasionally allow pre-orders for an item before it gets released. Just look for the Pre-Order button where you normally see Add To Cart.

• The item's release date will be listed on the item's page.

• Pre-orders usually ship on the release date (if we have inventory).

• You will not be charged until your pre-order is in stock.

YAY! I've pre-ordered a G29 to (1) replace my 5+ year-old G25 that has 200K+ miles on it and broken left J-clamp; and (2) be able to use driving games on my dusty PS4 (PS4 controller is not my cup o' tea for driving). I might even buy pCARS for PS4 to augment PC.   Very Happy

Sounds expensive? Yes, but hella cheaper than TM 300RS, Fanatec, etc.

Go get yours Pre-Ordered ("limit 2")

There's a YouTube vid from E3 showing both the G29 and G920 with a first-look in action over Here

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